When I finished writing my first novel, Saving Superman, I needed a professional to edit my final draft. A friend and fellow author gave me Cathy Kodra’s name, and she fit me into her busy schedule. Cathy proceeded to not only edit but to teach me the rules of modern grammar. (What I’d learned in college was terribly outdated.)


Saving Superman went on to earn five-star reviews, an IndieReader approved sticker, a Pinnacle Book achievement award, and was on IndieReader’s short list of best fiction books in 2014. I could never have achieved that level of success without Cathy’s knowledge and attention to detail.


Last summer she edited my second book, Attack from Within, and I will definitely call her when my third book is complete.  Cathy Kodra gets five stars from me.


Kathleen Sales, MD

Saving Superman 

Attack from Within

Webpage: www.kathleensales.com

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April 2015



If you need a second set of eyes to penetrate to the soul of your writing and to pinpoint ways big and small to improve its readability, logic, dramatic flow, and marketability, I heartily recommend Cathy Kodra. She’s never arbitrary or presumptuous in her judgments, as she edits with both restraint and confidence. My experience with her work, as a reader for New Millennium Writings and for my novel in progress, has inspired confidence in her work as well as mine.


Don Williams

Prize-winning writer, columnist, teacher, blogger

Author of White Caps, a work in progress

Editor emeritus, New Millennium Writings




Cathy was instrumental in preparing my manuscript for publication. She helped me identify my writing flaws and guided me as I learned to avoid them. Cathy encouraged me to think creatively as I edited my manuscript in order to meet my goals for the book. As I encountered unexpected challenges, she offered vital emotional support. With Cathy’s assistance, I was able to take my book to a more professional level. 


Cathy is easy to work with, and editing my book with her was a pleasure. She matched the pace of my editing, so our give and take went smoothly with no gaps in work flow. I was relieved to have an editor who was as committed and worked as hard as I did. She was responsive to my feedback and always strove to find literary solutions that were true to the message of the work, to my voice, and were grammatically correct and clear to the reader. I can’t imagine what my journey to publication would have would have been like without her. I look forward to continuing to work with her on my second book. 


Joanna J. Charnas,

Living Well with Chronic Illness
Published by MSI Press, August 2015 



I contracted with Cathy Kodra to edit my first novel, a 310 page mystery. Her line by line editing capability is outstanding.  She corrected punctuation errors, dialog paragraphing errors, and numerous weaknesses in verb usage and diction, among other things.  Further, she made additional recommendations to strengthen the chapters, and at times suggested deletions in the text. Her advice on how I could improve the scenes involving intimacy and her encouragement to write a compelling prologue to the story were critical to producing a good final product.

Cathy’s use of Track Changes in Microsoft Word showed me precisely every punctuation change needed as well as every word or phrase change needed to correct and improve the writing. She used bubble comments in the margins to explain why she recommended the changes. I could accept or reject her recommendations.  She maintained the original corrected file. Our collaboration during the editing process went very smoothly.  I learned a great deal from her in the process. Now I have a manuscript I am proud of— ready for publication.  I highly recommend Cathy Kodra, an accomplished author in her own right.


LaMar Palmer

A Bend in the Snake

June 3, 2013




Cathy Kodra edited my book, A Life in the Day of a Lady Salesman. Cathy worked many hours, for several months, with a magical ability for finding grammar and punctuation errors. She recognized when a word or phrase didn’t fit in a sentence and tactfully suggested the perfect ones while still believing the story must be in my own words. Cathy is patient, perceptive, and supportive. If not for her editing, I would never have finished my book. I recommend Cathy Kodra’s services for any writer, whether it is for poetry, memoir, or fiction.                                       


Diana Cruze

A Life in the Day of a Lady Salesman

 February 2013




Cathy Kodra is one of the premier editors in the business. Not only is she a true intellectual, but also she has the critical eye of a mechanic who has honed her craft to a fine edge. Cathy is a joy to work with, always willing to offer a different perspective that actually works, and always with an encouraging word for those dry days we writers have. Cathy Kodra has helped me become a better writer. Her wit and charm are obvious the first time you read her comments. She knows her job and does it quickly and well. I highly recommend her for the toughest editing jobs you have.


Bruce Majors

Small Patches of Light

April 2015



Any writer will profit by having a good editor. I am fortunate to have a superb editor and dear friend in Cathy Kodra, who has worked tirelessly on my behalf and whose work has greatly improved my four Casey Stone, PI novels: Alias Baby Girl; Bullets, Booze and Babes; Caper on the Coast; and Drawn into the Smoke. Of course she will help with the fifth one, Escape from Vegas, which is in the first stages in Spring 2015. 


Robert Godwin, Esquire

April 2015


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